Technical Workshop on Inclusive Social Protection (6-7 July 2015, Geneva, Switzerland)

For two days, specialist from all parts of the world discussed different aspects and developments in the field of social protection for people with disabilities. The workshop – second of this kind this year – was organized in close collaboration between the International Labour Organization and the International Disability Alliance with the aim of:

1) Presenting preliminary findings of an ILO study on disability-inclusion in four national social protection schemes (Argentina, Ghana, Kyrgyzstan and South Africa)

2) Discussing in detail two country cases, presented by DPO representatives from India (advocacy for reforms and streamlining in line with the CRPD) of several existing disability specific schemes) and Philippines (making main poverty assistance schemes inclusive and developing a disability specific scheme)

3) Discussing main elements of thematic report on social protection to be presented by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to the UN General Assembly

4) Seeking update on different social protection initiatives from different global stakeholders and discuss next steps on how to advance knowledge on disability-inclusive social protection at global level.

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