Mission & Goals

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Promoting the implementation and financing of social protection floors and the extension of social protection to all.


Working strategically, collaboratively and in a spirit of global solidarity, to provide a space and virtual plat-form for coalition members united by the common purpose of promoting the establishment and extension of social protection floors and systems.


  • Strategically influence and dialogue with the United Nations, its Specialized Agencies, Member States and civil society working within the remit of various intergovernmental organs to encourage debate and positive action on human rights-based social protection floors and social protection systems through collective actions;
  • Coordinate initiatives and activities at all levels, national, regional and international, enhancing the ef-fectiveness of collective political strategy aimed at universal human rights-based social protections floors and social protection;
  • Foster the formation of and cooperation between inclusive national and regional coalitions aimed at promoting the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of human rights-based social protec-tion floors and social protections systems;
  • Raise the visibility of research by civil society organizations promoting inclusive, rights-based social pro-tection floors and social protection systems to inform national and global policy discussions; and
  • Strengthen collaboration between NGOs, civil society organizations, trade unions and other stakehold-ers to promote human rights-based social protection floors and social protection systems by creating a platform for learning experience and exchanges.
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