Extending social protection to the rural economy: ILO policy guidelines

What are the most important elements to be considered in terms of ILO policy regarding the extension of social protection to the rural economy?

Here are some elements:

  • Building a comprehensive framework for the rural economy: linking social protection policies and strategies for the rural economy with other areas of intervention;
  • Provision of social protection to the rural population as a key strategy aimed at eradicating poverty and food insecurity;
  • Ensuring the availability, accessibility, acceptability and quality (AAAQ) of health care, and addressing inequities in the access to health services between rural and urban areas;
  • The role of social protection in promoting sustainability and inclusiveness in the rural economy. For instance, social transfers (e.g. social pensions, public employment programmes), as a way to boost the local rural economy;
  • Informality in the rural economy and the role of social protection for supporting the transition to modernization and formality in rural areas;
  • Linkages between the rural informal economy and food security

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