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GCSPF e-Newsletter # 69 – May 2022

e-GCSPF #69 – May 2022               Civil Society 7 communiqué calls for progressive & sustainable outcomes at G7 Summit       Progress towards an equitable world – must be more than a promise! May 2022 This C7 Communiqué reflects the […]

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GCSPF e-Newsletter # 68 – May 2022

e-GCSPF #68 – May 2022               A Global Fund for Social Protection. Views from Selected Low-income Countries       By Charles Lwanga-Ntale LABOUR AND SOCIAL JUSTICE. The voices of low-income countries (LICs) in the social protection discourse are not yet […]

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A Global Fund for Social Protection. Views from Selected Low-income Countries

  The study on low-income countries’ (LICs) views of the proposed Global Fund for Social Protection (GFSP) sought to contribute to discussions on the operational dimensions of the fund, adding to existing knowledge on the available financial and administrative options. Findings from this study point us to […]

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GCSPF e-Newsletter # 67 – April 2022

e-GCSPF #67 – April 2022               Governance principles for a Global Fund for Social Protection       By Markus Kaltenborn and Laura Kreft LABOUR AND SOCIAL JUSTICE. In line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development international support for establishing […]

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GCSPF e-Newsletter # 66 – March 2022

e-GCSPF # 66 - March 2022               Official launch of the INSP!R network       300 people from four continents met virtually on Thursday 3 February to celebrate the official launch of INSP!R, the international network for social protection right.The [...]Read more

e-Newsletter # 65 – February – March 2022

e-GCSPF # 65 – February / March 2022               Creating Fiscal and Policy Space       By Michael Cichon and Hajo Lanz The authors suggest a simple, feasible, pragmatic and affordable global strategy to support the attainment of social protection […]

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e-Newsletter # 64 – February 2022

e-GCSPF # 64 – February 2022               CSocD60: Civil Society Forum 2022       From 7 to 16 February 2022, the 60th Session of the United Nations Commission for Social Development (CSocD60) will be held under the title: “Inclusive and […]

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e-Newsletter # 63 – January 2022

e-GCSPF # 63 – January 2022           Phenix launches two studies on the employment of youth and women’s safety at work       Phenix Center for Economic and Informatics studies has launched two studies on gender-based violence in the workplace and the […]

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e-Newsletter # 62 – December 2021

e-GCSPF # 62 – December 2021           Comments to IDA20 draft Deputies Report – Social Protection       In November 2021 the ad hoc group on IDA20 of the GCSPF submitted Comments on the social protection elements in the IDA20 draft Deputies […]

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e-Newsletter # 61 – November 2021

e-GCSPF # 61 – November 2021           Policy Brief “A Global Fund for Social Protection to promote policy and fiscal space to make the right to social protection a reality for all”       The Policy Brief aims to contribute to the […]

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