GCSPF e-Newsletter # 55 - June 2021

e-GCSPF # 55 - June 2021

Q&A on the Global fund for social protection


The working group for a Global Fund developed a question-and-answer (Q&A) document to clarify and express our thinking around the Global Fund. Read more


International solidarity to eradicate poverty: supporting the initiative of a Global Fund for Social Protection


The GCSPF took the floor at the International Labor Conference (ILO) to call for the creation of a solidarity based Global Fund for Social Protection; to pool funds while supporting countries design and implement national social protection floors. A Global Fund is the adequate multilateral initiative needed to respond to the consequences of Covid-19 and to build a better future.
As an institution of global governance, the Fund would help pull together efforts and decrease the fragmentation of aid, leading to a consolidation of existing financing mechanisms and enabling domestic financing over the long term. Read more


Policy Dialogue on G20 response to adequately tackle the impact of COVID-19 on hunger and food insecurity


Civil 20 (C20) and Oxfam organised the event “Ahead of the G20 Foreign and Development Joint Ministerial Session. “Policy Dialogue on G20 response to adequately tackle the impact of COVID-19 on hunger and food insecurity” held on 15th of June 2021. Johanna Wagman participated on behalf of the Global Coalition. Read more


Towards a Social Protection Floor for Lebanon


The joint policy note “Towards a Social Protection Floor for Lebanon, Policy options and costs for core life-cycle social grants” by the ILO and UNICEF explores policy options and costs for core life-cycle social grants in Lebanon. Lebanon is facing a detrimental and multifaceted crisis that threatens to undermine its political, economic, financial, fiscal and social stability. The country – its people and the Government – is at a critical juncture in which key decisions around the (re)construction of core institutions will determine the success or failure of the country’s immediate recovery plans and long-term trajectory. Social protection will be central to this reconstruction, but temporary or reactive measures will simply not be enough to get the country on track. Lebanon has an opportunity to meet the immense crisis with an equivalent investment in an inclusive, lifecycle social protection system, which will not only provide immediate relief but will fuel a faster recovery and lay the foundation for a stronger economy and society going forward. Read more


Financing for development in the era of COVID-19 and beyond


The final report of the Civil Society Meeting “Financing for Development in the Era of COVID-19 and Beyond”, Cluster 2: socio-economic response: social protection, gender, youth, health, education, and human rights is now on line. The consultation with NGOs and Civil Society Organizations was held under the auspices of the International Labour Organization and coorganized by the NGO Committee on Financing for Development and the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP). The event was held on 11 March 2021. Read more


Collective video project for social protection


The UN Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights, Olivier De Schutter, invited us to participate on a long-term video project to support the campaign for global social protection.
The collective video project “Social Protection for all!” compiles short videos from around the world where people and organisations answer the simple question: “Why does social protection matter to us?” Read more


ASEAN Regional Forum on Social Protection that Empowers Women


The ASEAN Regional Forum on Social Protection that Empowers Women will be held on 29 - 30 June 2021 virtually via Zoom.
The forum will bring t protection experts, national and international organizations, civil society organizations, UN agencies, ASEAN Committee on Women, ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Social Welfare and Development empowerment and advancement. Members of the Global Coalition will participate on the Forum. Read more




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Civil Society Call for a Global Fund for Social Protection

Civil society organizations and trade unions unite to call for a Global Fund for Social Protection to protect the most vulnerable during COVID-19 and beyond.

Read more

Social Security for All

Civil society organizations and trade unions call governments and international financial institutions to make a commitment to create social security systems that enable everyone to realize their rights. Governments and financial institutions should end policies that have been failing millions of people.
Read more

SP&PFM Programme

The programme Improving Synergies Between Social Protection and Public Finance Management provided medium-term support to multiple countries aiming to strengthen their social protection systems at a national level and ensure sustainable financing. The programme aimed to support countries in their efforts towards achieving universal social protection coverage.

This initiative was implemented jointly by the ILO, Unicef, and the GCSPF.

Read more

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