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The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), The Africa Platform for Social Protection and SOLIDAR have published eight country reports with the result of their Social Protection Monitor in Africa and the Carribbean. The main question they tackle is, 'How to mainstream social protection in the European Development Fund's (EDF) National Inidcative Programmes (NIPs)?

The Agenda 2030 as well as the Addis Ababa Action Agenda have reiterated governments’ commitment to the realisation of decent work and social protection for all:

"We are committed to ending poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including by eradicating extreme poverty by 2030. All people must enjoy a basic standard of living, including through social protection systems."

(Agenda 2030, paragraph 24)

The EU, through its development cooperation policy and programs, is already greatly contributing to the achievement of these objectives. The forthcoming review of the National Indicative Programs (NIPs) negotiated in the framework of the 11th European Development Fund, can be an opportunity to further pursue the progressive realization of the right to decent work and social protection for all and better align EDF program with the Agenda 2030 spirit.

Through the Social Protection Monitor African and Caribbean CSOs will tell us how...

Civil Society Call for a Global Fund for Social Protection

Civil society organizations and trade unions unite to call for a Global Fund for Social Protection to protect the most vulnerable during COVID-19 and beyond.

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Social Security for All

Civil society organizations and trade unions call governments and international financial institutions to make a commitment to create social security systems that enable everyone to realize their rights. Governments and financial institutions should end policies that have been failing millions of people.
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SP&PFM Programme

The programme Improving Synergies Between Social Protection and Public Finance Management provided medium-term support to multiple countries aiming to strengthen their social protection systems at a national level and ensure sustainable financing. The programme aimed to support countries in their efforts towards achieving universal social protection coverage.

This initiative was implemented jointly by the ILO, Unicef, and the GCSPF.

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