Event: Improving synergies between social protection & public finance management

The European Union, the International Labour Organization, UNICEF and the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors  are implementing a thematic flagship programme aimed to strengthen Social Protection systems and ensure sustainable financing while improving Public Finance Management. Currently, the overall programme is being implemented in 18 partner countries. The programme immediately reoriented funds to respond to Covid-19 needs.

A virtual conference taking place on 1st December 2020 will mark the launch of the programme “Improving Synergies Between Social Protection and Public Finance Management”. The event will be opened by Ms Henriette Geiger, Director B – People and Peace. A high-level technical panel will be held with the participation of representatives of the partners engaged in the programme, followed by a discussion about the role of Social Protection during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, feeding into Human Development on the way forward.

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Henriette Geiger, Director People & Peace, DEVCO B

Shahra Razavi, Director of the ILO Social Protection Department

Natalia Winder Rossi, Associate Director and Chief of Social Policy, UNICEF

Bart Verstraeten, Political Secretary of WSM, GCSPF member

Valérie Schmitt, Deputy Director of the ILO Social Protection Department

Doerte Bosse, European Commission, DEVCO B3