Video of the Webinar: “Be an expert universal social security advocate”

The webinar “Be an expert universal social security advocate” was moderated by Lena Simet, Senior Researcher and Advocate, Human Rights Watch.

Stephen Kidd, CEO, Development Pathways (download his presentation), and Holly Seglah, Social Protection Officer, Development Pathways (download her presentation) were the speakers.

Richard Obiga (Programme Officer, Social Protection Secretariat, Kenya) and David Tumwesigye (Global Advocacy Manager, Save the Children International) shared their comments and there was a rich discussion with the audience.


The importance of social security (or protection) is widely and increasingly recognised. However, the question on whether the systems should be built on means-tested and poverty-targeted benefits or on a universal approach is widely debated.

The language we use shapes our thinking, while also shaping the thinking of those with whom we communicate. There is strong evidence for why universal benefits are the best strategy to Leave No One Behind. But “poverty-targeted” support is easily perceived as “pro-poor”, so those who advocate for universal social security need to have very clear arguments.

In this webinar, Development Pathways and Act Church of Sweden presented the report, or rather a guide for advocators: Advocating for universal social security: how to win hearts and minds (pdf format).

The document builds on evidence presented in earlier research, and suggests how advocacy for universal social security can be carried out in the most effective way: the words and arguments to use and who to approach.

For further information please contact Gunnel Axelsson Nycander.

The invitation is available here and their bios are here.

This webinar was organised by Development Pathways and Act Church of Sweden and co-organised by the Global Coalition for Social Protection Floors (GCSPF).

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SP&PFM Programme

The programme Improving Synergies Between Social Protection and Public Finance Management provides medium-term support to multiple countries aiming to strengthen their social protection systems at a national level and ensure sustainable financing. The programme aims to support countries in their efforts towards achieving universal social protection coverage.

This initiative is implemented jointly by the ILO, Unicef, and the GCSPF.

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